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The Farm Process Management Ltd is an outsourced service assisting with every day time consuming processes on behalf of your business.

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Providing Customer Service solutions for business growth

There are many ways to ensure your business is ahead of the game. Most of which include having the right teams, producing the right output efficiently and effectively.

Not having enough available time is frowned upon when given as a reason for not completing important customer focused tasks such as keeping in regular contact with your customer base at the correct point, offering immediate customer service support, or securing new business promptly...well we believe it is a valid reason, but it does not mean running out of time can be used as an excuse.

That is why we offer remote process management solutions to every day issues within any business. Including, but not limited to, Remote Real-Time Visual Support, contacting your database with promotions or regular touch point requirements, offering our 'any time' Live Chat systems and of course our Customer Service themed coaching experiences.

If you are in need of a short term fix or help with an ongoing requirement we can tailor-make a cost-effective resolution for your current business needs.

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Why Choose Us?

The Farm Process Management Ltd brings together years of experience in customer service across a wide range of industries, both consumer and business to business. Every successful business understands the importance of customer service when maintaining or growing its client base. This holds true no matter the size of the operation.​ We are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes with cost effective End-to-End Process Management solutions.

Our Core Value

We treat your business like it's our business.

Our Process

For the best results we always start with the end in mind. We believe that the 'why' determines the 'how' and we remove the emotion whilst delivering a tailor-made solution every time, embodying your company ethos and working within your capacities.


Analysis & Research

Let us in to your world. The more we know, the more we feel, the more we can understand.



Review and implement the initial plan, checking and amending along the way.



Once all parties are happy with the solution we will assist with ongoing training and monitoring where relevant.

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"I recently used the services of Jon and his team at The Farm to help promote the new service offerings that my business is providing. Calls were made to our contacts from a list provided to Jon and these were made effectively and professionally and without being pushy. The desired outcome of the project was to ‘spread the word’ and this was certainly achieved. I wouldn’t hesitate in using the services of Jon and his team again and would highly recommend them to my contacts also."

Sophie Forrest
Managing Director

"Host My Office have been using Visual Support for 4 months now and it’s been a valuable tool for the team.  Now we can quickly see what our clients can, especially with home working and domestic broadband routers."

Simon Luck
Managing Director

"I definitely recommend you invite Jon to speak to your company the Customer Service Journey. He pushes you to have vital conversations about your own practices while giving you the tools to revitalise your day today tasks."

Alexandra Davidson
Managing Director

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